A few brief words about John Glenn

This might seem off-topic for a minute, but bear with me. As you may know, John Glenn, Mercury astronaut, Senator, and hero, passed away yesterday. The Daily Rite that I shared with you guys a while back features these words: I pour cool water for the akhu, Shining like gold in the vault of Nut.… Continue reading A few brief words about John Glenn


Justice & the Authority of the Past

Originally posted on WIT:
History is story telling. It’s also much more than that. The way we tell stories communicates much about our values and perspectives. Storytelling a powerful act; those who generate the shared stories of a group’s past can exert an enormous amount of authority over the group’s sense of identity. Collectively we…


Is life after death the same as eternal life?

What do you think? Since I’m asking the question, probably not, right? Are you surprised? So was I. In my death-crawl slog through the book Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt, I find the following passage (pp. 163–64): At the end of the world there will no longer be men and gods, as is clear… Continue reading Is life after death the same as eternal life?

Criticism of Religion · Kemeticism

The Pulse shooting: 70 days later

As a Floridian, I was pretty shaken 76 days ago when the Pulse club, a gay night spot in Orlando, was shot up by a guy claiming allegiance to the Islamic State. I couldn’t write about it then, but having just poured cool water to mourn the victims for the last time on Friday, I thought… Continue reading The Pulse shooting: 70 days later

Church-State Separation · Criticism of Religion · Kemeticism

Hillary Clinton and Hatshepsut

It probably won’t surprise anyone reading this that one of my favorite heroes of all time is Hatshepsut. Plenty has been said and written about Hatshepsut, the woman pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty who went from princess to queen to regent to king. There’s a TED-Ed lecture on her, and a very favorable article from… Continue reading Hillary Clinton and Hatshepsut

Criticism of Religion

The difference between righteous anger and blinding hatred

I follow a few anti-theists on Twitter. I’m not sure why — maybe it goes back to before I was okay with being religious again myself — but I do. I’ve been wondering whether to unfollow these folks. I mean, I’m not AGAINST religion, am I? I’m not here arguing that all forms of religion are backward,… Continue reading The difference between righteous anger and blinding hatred